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Where will Médulas take you?

This pair is for the bold among us. The ones who don’t play by the rules and live on their own terms. Being the most daring from the first capsule, the Médulas perfectly represent the true DNA of Feas brand. Let your fantasy run wild and venture the Médulas way.

Description and materials

Sole: Recycled, natural and synthetic rubber. reciclado, natural y sintético. Foxing layers create a unique aspect.

Vegan leather: Full combination of recycled apple leather. Both left and right toe cap and external upper is burgundy colored. The internal upper is sky blue colored while the tongue is white. The rest of the sneaker is beige. The heel differs left and right burgundy and sky blue.

Interior: Recycled fibers, transpirable with an insole ultra-soft cuishoning that provides immediate comfort and transpiration.

Shipping & Returns

If the sneaker doesn’t fit, send it back. We will send you your fit right away! 

And if after that you aren’t convinced, you can return us the sneakers within 15 days and expect a full reimbursement.


24-48H in Iberian Peninsula

3-4 días Europe, Spanish islands and Andorra

Shoe care

Apple  Leather: Apply a thin layer of water and soap. Opt for softer clothes to make sure you don’t damage your sneakers. 

Vegan Suede: Use a brush to gently remove any dirt or dust. Brush in the direction of the fabric’s grain to avoid damaging it. Dry stains can be removed by using a white or brown gum eraser. If it doesn’t work we advise you to visit your local cobbler and get additional advice.

Rubber Soles: Clean the dirt with a dampened cloth and carefully soak the sole in a mixture of water and dishwashing soap. Make sure you don’t soak the upper part! Use a toothbrush with the mixture to scrub your soles. Once it’s done, dry the sneakers using a cloth.

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  1. Ana Ortiz

    They are beautiful and very comfortable!

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